Adult Ministry – April 2015

Welcome to Jim Scholten and Lisa Vergouwe who join Karen and Bazen and Nancy Steenwyk (consistory liason members) on the newly formed Adult Ministry Team. The scope of this team is still evolving, but we are certainly available to support existing adult ministries and actively provide leadership of the Sunday morning and Wednesday evening adult education offerings. We also plan to expand our Care Group small group offerings. The team will coordinate with the Outreach Team as appropriate in order to be a blessing to our Rockford community as well as to our own members. Our team members welcome any feedback that will help us nurture our adult ministry efforts.
Please take the time to review the many adult ministry opportunities that we already have in place and are described in church emails. There are many quality Bible studies and events with a variety of meeting times and purposes. There is something for everyone to help us grow in the knowledge of God’s Word and the fellowship of believers. Contact the church office if you do not receive email and wish to receive paper updates instead.