Adult Ministry – April 2016


Well over 100 people walked on the path Jesus walked on the way to His crucifixion in this year’s first ever Journey to the Cross Lenten prayer walk. It was a very meaningful experience for all who participated, adults and youth as well as members and guests alike. Here are some reflections:

“I participated in the walk with a physically challenged friend. We were asked to carry a rock throughout the walk that symbolized the burden of our sin. I often had to juggle carrying my rock, my friend’s rock, our papers, and our pens. It was often a struggle for me. This made me reflect on how our own sin can indeed hold us back from helping others.” (retired male)

“At the last station, we were encouraged to leave our rock (sin) at the foot of the cross. I had a very difficult time dropping my rock and letting it go. This challenged me to reflect more on why I hang on to my guilt and my shame instead of giving it all to Jesus.” (full-time working mom of teenagers)

“The most meaningful station to me was praying as Jesus did in the Garden of Gethsemane. It made me realize that when I know I will be facing troubles, it’s okay to “be scared, run, and hide” to be with God like Jesus did. It made me remember to pray to God instead of worry alone.” (middle school male student)

 The adult ministry team plans to make the Lenten prayer walk an annual opportunity for our members, guests, and our community.

The Spring launch for Life Groups is April 17. To sign up, use the connection card in the bulletin to indicate interest and someone will contact you. For people newer to the church or who may be thinking about becoming members, there will be a Sunday night Discovery Life Group. Life Groups are great opportunities to get to know fellow believers and interact with them on a personal level, supporting each other and sharing life together.

Ladies, don’t miss Ladies’ Day 2016! April 23 will be a great morning with guest speaker Rev. Leslie Holmes (who also happens to be Tom and Miriam Carpenter’s daughter) about Powerful Prayer. Plus, women attending can choose one of several fun and relaxing break-out sessions. The event is free. However, you must RSVP to Rebecca Cruttenden. Deadline for reserving a spot for lunch was April 10, but any woman may still sign up to attend the rest of the morning.