Adult Ministry – January 2015

Nancy Steenwyk and Karen Bazen will be forming this new committee and eventually move into a liaison role to the consistory. The committee is being formed to focus efforts on opportunities for the spiritual growth and fellowship of our adults. Areas of programming include adult Sunday School classes, Wednesday night classes, small group Bible studies, small group dinners, and other seasonal programming. Some of these functions were previously done by the Pastor or Admin Board or even other members of the congregation. Nancy and Karen will be solidifying the scope of the committee as well its members after the end of March. If anyone in the congregation has ideas or suggestions for adult programming, please contact Nancy or Karen. Your input would be appreciated!

Current offerings (more information can be found on the bulletin board by the sound booth, at the info desk, or online):

Sunday School:

  • Caregiving, led by Ken Westrate, Room 22
  • Spiritual Formation, led by Luke Morgan, Fireside Room

Tuesday Mornings (Women’s):

  • Growing Older & Wiser, led by Jean Boyd & Marcia Coleman, Rm 1

Wednesday Evenings:

  • Women of the Bible, led by Polly Johnson, Fireside Room
  • Gospel of Matthew, led by Pam Jacobs, Room 21

Men’s Groups:

Small Group Dinners & Bible Studies: sign up by January 18

Adult Fellowship: first Wednesday of every month

There will not be any adult Sunday School on the second Sundays of February, April, and June so that you may attend the congregational update meetings.