Adult Ministry – July 2015

The Adult Ministry Team met on July 7. Our team was joined by new members Pastor Paul Bradford and Luke Morgan. Pam Jacobs was also present and will be assisting us by researching topics that will support future planning.
During the summer months, we will be reviewing our church’s vision, purpose, and priorities that relate to adult ministries. By the Fall Festival, we hope to share a “big picture” look at the many adult ministry offerings at Rockford Reformed. We recognize the value in the many ministries that we already offer; we will be reviewing ideas to further develop a unity of purpose among ongoing and potential new ministries. We also hope to provide guidelines to assist leaders and potential participants through the maze of multiple ministry opportunities.
Rockford Reformed Church has always had many committed volunteers and staff to lead adult ministries. Starting in September, we are pleased that Bren Shantz will be leading one Sunday School class, and Polly and Kevin Johnson will be leading the other. During Pioneer Clubs on Wednesdays, Polly Johnson and Pastor Paul will each lead a session. More details will be available later in the summer, along with a class calendar.
We all feel energized since Pastor Paul joined our ministry team. We all have ideas to support and improve our church’s ministries, but seeking God’s will is our most important task. All of our ideas and planning are bathed in prayer. In all things, we are dependent on the grace of God and the work of the Holy Spirit among us. We ask that everyone continue to pray that everything at Rockford Reformed be done in humility, for the glory of God and the furtherance of his kingdom.