Attributes of God


(those that belong to Christ alone)
  • self-existence (no beginning or end, always existed)
  • self-sufficiency (has life in Himself, has no needs)
  • eternality (time is His creation)
  • infinitude (without measure or boundaries)
  • sovereignty/reign/authority (in control of all that happens)
  • immensity (magnificent presence & peace)
  • immanence (near to His creation, actively participating)
  • omnipresence (always present, always available)
  • omnipotence/power (all powerful, infinite)
  • omniscience/knowledge (perfect understanding)
  • immutability (never changes)
  • perfection (complete, mature, devised for end purposes)
  • holiness (majesty, perfect moral purity)
  • transcendence (higher, surpasses His creation)


(those that we can share with Christ):
  • holiness (moral purity)
  • faithfulness (keeps promises)
  • truthfulness
  • love
  • wisdom
  • patience
  • justice
  • mercy
  • compassion
  • goodness
  • grace