Adult Ministry – February 2016

The season of Lent is upon us. It is a Christian season of preparation before Easter, celebrated this year on Sunday, March 27. Lent is a time dedicated for reflection on Jesus Christ – his suffering and his sacrifice, his life, death, burial, and resurrection.

To observe Lent, a special Journey to the Cross Prayer Walk will be available to individuals, families, and groups at our church. Beginning in March, you are invited to walk through seven interactive, devotional prayer stations set up throughout the upper level of the gym. You will travel along the path Jesus walked on the way to his crucifixion. Each station includes scripture reading, interactive exercises, and prayer to help you reflect upon the sacrifice of his death, so that you might experience the grace and love of God more fully during this Lenten season.

An all-church open house format Journey to the Cross Prayer Walk & Breakfast has been set for Saturday morning, March 12 from 8:30 – 10:00am. During March, additional times will be available for guided and self-guided walks for individuals and groups. Please check your church mailbox soon for the corresponding devotional program booklet listing these times as well as other special events and services for you and your family, friends, and neighbors.

Everyone is invited to stay after the 11:00 service on Sunday, February 21 for a delicious dinner prepared and served by our high schoolers! Donations go toward high school mission trips and retreats. On the menu: meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and more!


Youth Ministry – February 2016


The second half of the year is well underway and we are tremendously pleased with the direction that our ministry is headed. If you are looking to learn more about our youth ministry, I encourage you to “like” the student ministry Facebook page (, or request to be a part of our weekly emails by contacting Brian Ellis (

What’s Coming Up – Middle School

  • Youth Group: Wednesday nights, 6:30 – 8:00pm
  • Girls Bible Study: Tuesdays, 3:00 – 4:00pm at Family Fare

What’s Coming Up – High School

  • Youth Group: Sunday nights, 6:30 – 8:00 pm
  • Girls Bible Study: Tuesdays, 3:00 – 4:00 pm at Family Fare
  • Men’s Bible Study: Thursdays, 5:30am
  • Fundraiser Dinner: February 21, 12:15pm in the gym
  • Spring Hill Retreat: February 26-28

Parent’s Tip: Get to know your student’s small group leader. As a youth group, we want to be your partner in investing in the youth of our church. If you need help contacting your student’s small group leader, please don’t hesitate to contact Brian.

What We’re Studying: We are studying how the Bible is one story with unity, not just a lot of smaller stories. We have an upcoming series on the Seven Signs in the Gospel of John.

Other Opportunities:

  • If you are looking for ways to get involved, the youth ministry has needs for volunteers outside of being a small group leader. From making snacks to driving vans, there are plenty of ways to help out.
  • One of our biggest needs at the moment is for adults who would be willing to be a part of our Profession of Faith Class. Contact Brian Ellis if you are interested in more details.


Children’s Ministry – February 2016

Thank You Notes


Thank you, nursery volunteers, for loving the youngest among us; showing them God’s love, even when wiping runny noses all morning.

Thank you, children’s worship leaders, for sharing God’s word through fun stories.

Thank you, youth helpers, for helping to keep kids engaged in the stories, handing out the cheerios, and helping kids on their numerous potty breaks.

Thank you, KidLife Elementary small group leaders, for being there each week and encouraging our kids to grow in God’s love.

Thank you, KidLife Preschool leaders, for leading strong!

Thank you, KidLife Parent helpers, it means so much to us that you are willing to give of your time.

Thank you, Worship Ways leaders, for guiding our kids to understanding ways in which we worship, rock and roll songs and all.

Thank you, Pioneer Clubs volunteers, for your willingness to give of your time to the children of our church, for sharing Jesus’ love every week, and for breaking the 100-point barrier on flappy bird.

Thank you, Children’s Ministry Parents, for sharing your kids with us!


Missions – February 2016

The Missions Team is rejoicing with our Lord! O’Nelson, a young man from Haiti, has safely arrived in Midland, Michigan. O’Nelson’s mother was robbed and murdered for having a successful roadside business. O’Nelson was shot and left for dead during the incident. The fact that he survived multiple bullet wounds is amazing. God knows the plans he has for O’Nelson! Please continue to pray for him as he makes the transition to life here in the states.
Haiti Mission Trip 2016: The 2016 Haiti Mission Trip is scheduled for June 25-July 2. Please contact Rachel DeKuiper if you are interested in going. We have had one informational meeting already, but it is NOT too late to express interest. We do need to hear from you soon since the team is limited to 13 members and airline tickets need to be purchased. If you are interested in financially supporting someone in going to Haiti, please let us know. We don’t want the financial burden of this trip to be the only factor that keeps someone from going. You can contact Rachel at

Easter Baskets for North Kent Community Services: The deacons are excited to announce a service offering for NKCS. We are hoping to gather up to 250 filled Easter baskets for children who may not get to experience the joy of Easter. We will be providing empty Easter baskets along with a copy of the book The Gospel Story to include with the basket. Anyone who is willing to fill them with small toys, treats, and a personal note can pick them up in the lobby starting February 21. Baskets need to be returned by March 13. This is a great opportunity for all!


Outreach – February 2016


“How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone telling them?” Romans 10:14

Did you know that 82% of unchurched people are somewhat likely to attend church if invited? Those are pretty great odds don’t you think? Unfortunately, only 2% of church going people ever invite someone to church in a given year. To make matters worse, 7 out of 10 unchurched people have NEVER been invited to church in their whole lives. (Thom Rainer, The Unchurched Next Door)

Consider this: If we had 100 smiling faces in church on Sunday morning, only 2 of them would have invited a guest to visit with them.

Now consider this: If each of those 100 smiling faces in church on Sunday morning invited at least one person to visit church with them, we would see about 80 new smiling faces in our church on Sunday morning.

Outreach Question of the Month: Who has God placed in your life that needs an invitation to church?

Adult Team Trivia: Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to invite the unchurched people God has placed in your life! We have a fun and entertaining night of working together in teams to answer questions on a variety of topics! After they have had a great time, invite them to attend Sunday morning worship with you! Adult Team Trivia, led by MI Team Trivia, takes place on Friday, March 4 from 6:15-9:00pm in the RRC gym. Enter as a team of 5-8, or as a couple/individual to be placed on a team. Registration is easy! Register on line at or place your registration form in the box at the back of the sanctuary. REGISTRATION DEADLINE IS FEB. 28!   Childcare provided by RRC youth. Donations for childcare will go toward funding youth mission trips and retreats.

Videos to amuse, inspire, and challenge you!


Worship – February 2016

RRC welcomes our new Worship Director, Micheal Fisk! We are very thankful that our long search has come to a close. A big thank you goes out to Stephanie Bergman, who led the search, and to her entire team – Brian Fleetham, Teresa Scholten, Eric Ringnalda, Luke Morgan, and Tammy Bradford – for their hours of diligent effort!
Mike’s first Sunday leading will be February 28. Joshua Rupp, as interim Worship Director, will continue to lead until then. Thank you, Joshua, for stepping in during the vacancy and sharing your gifts and passion for worship with us. 
We’re excited to have Mike on board. Though only 28, he has been leading worship for a decade. He has a genuine love for the Lord, proficiency in music, a good knowledge of technology, and a warm, gracious spirit. Mike’s wife Melissa will be a wonderful blessing to our church family as well. Both are from CRC backgrounds. Melissa’s parents have been missionaries in Mexico where she grew up (she’s fluent in Spanish). They have an infant son, Matthew. 
We look forward with anticipation to what God will continue to do through Worship at RRC and through Mike as he begins to lead us!


Property – February 2016

RRC is welcoming another staff member soon! Lori Elerick will join the team as the new part-time custodian. Lori will take over the duties previously performed by Kevin VerMerris. Lucy Layman will continue with her custodial duties also. Lori and her husband live in Rockford and have 6 daughters. Lori’s sister, Tamra Miller, attends RRC. Welcome, Lori!
The facilities team is working on some updates in many areas of our building. We are preparing an office for our new Worship Director to come later this month. We have had some leaks and weather damage to contend with in the new kitchen area. We continue to look for leaks in other areas of the building, so if you see water, please let Marcia Shanken or Tom Cruttenden know. There are potential upgrades to our sound and video production in the sanctuary that we are looking into as we continue to improve.