Children’s Ministry – April 2015

Can you believe we only have two Caravans left? We meet on May 3 and May 17. Keep your schedules open July 26-29 for Vacation Bible School! More info will be posted as the date draws closer.
We ended our year with another exciting Derby Car Race! Congratulations to our winners:
Girls 1-2
1st – Alayna O.
2nd – Brooklyn J.
3rd – Bailey J.
Boys 1-2
1st – Sam V.
2nd – Sawyer M.
3rd – DJ B.
Girls 3-4
1st – Lena J.
2nd – Breanna T.
3rd – Mariah B.
Boys 3-4
1st – Cameron C.
2nd – Chris D.
3rd – Peyton H.
5th Grade
1st – Ewan J.
2nd – Sami D.
3rd – Jamarcus C.
Fastest Overall: Ewan J.
Best of Show: Kennedy D.
Open Round: Austin M.