Children’s Ministry – February 2016

Thank You Notes


Thank you, nursery volunteers, for loving the youngest among us; showing them God’s love, even when wiping runny noses all morning.

Thank you, children’s worship leaders, for sharing God’s word through fun stories.

Thank you, youth helpers, for helping to keep kids engaged in the stories, handing out the cheerios, and helping kids on their numerous potty breaks.

Thank you, KidLife Elementary small group leaders, for being there each week and encouraging our kids to grow in God’s love.

Thank you, KidLife Preschool leaders, for leading strong!

Thank you, KidLife Parent helpers, it means so much to us that you are willing to give of your time.

Thank you, Worship Ways leaders, for guiding our kids to understanding ways in which we worship, rock and roll songs and all.

Thank you, Pioneer Clubs volunteers, for your willingness to give of your time to the children of our church, for sharing Jesus’ love every week, and for breaking the 100-point barrier on flappy bird.

Thank you, Children’s Ministry Parents, for sharing your kids with us!