Consistory – February 2015

The recent consistory meeting was the first one where the committee liaisons gave a report. As explained in the last communication, members of the consistory are liaisons for different committees (look under the title of each section of this newsletter to see who they are).
One item from the Congregational update on February 8 needs correction. The start date for changing to the one worship service per Sunday is June 14, not June 21, as was stated at the meeting. We will meet at 9:30 a.m. from June 14 through Labor Day and change back to two services on September 13. September 13 will also be the date of the Fall Festival.
Apparently, spring cleaning has come early to RRC! The closet by the organ at the front of the sanctuary will be cleaned out and reorganized. Bren Shantz will move to the old Youth Director office in the Family Life Center so that his current office (also at the front of the sanctuary) can be transformed to a storage closet for musical equipment and other items related to the worship ministry. In addition, the worship team is looking at installing 90-inch TV screens in the sanctuary, to use instead of the projector. The current projector is having issues and is very costly to replace. Funds are available for the TV screens. There is still discussion going on as to the best location for the screens and how to mount them so they can be moved out of the way if necessary.
The search for a permanent Youth Leader has begun. See the HR Committee section for more info.