Consistory – January 2015


Consistory members attended a Workshop on Saturday, January 11th, along with staff members and the pastor search committee. Our classis representative, Pastor Tim Meendering, led us in a time of reflection on how Rockford Reformed Church can grow into a church of intentional discipleship. We are grateful for his leadership now that Pastor David is enjoying sunny skies and warmth. We are excited to see what 2015 brings for Rockford Reformed Church. Please pray for that leader that God has already chosen as our next pastor.

In the absence of a pastor, Dianne Bennett has graciously agreed to lead staff meetings and provide support to staff until we have a pastor in place. We are grateful to Dianne, as this will give them consistency and an experienced resource.

You may have a new elder/deacon team for your care group. Make a point of getting acquainted with them and provide input throughout the year to them. Be sure to affirm you are in the same care group as a few folks were moved or added.

Pastor Ken Westrate will continue to make hospital visits when needed. Your elder/deacons teams are your first line of support for other needs. To avoid confusion, here are the ways you can seek help:

  • Call your elder/deacon team OR
  • Whenever the church office is open, you may continue to contact Marcia (866-2308) with your updates or needs. She immediately sends an email to your elder/deacon team stating the situation and lets Pastor Ken know when appropriate. In emergencies, she will make needed phone calls.
  • At other times (such as evenings and weekends) we offer two options. Call your elder or deacon first. If they do not answer, call our VP of consistory, Scott Brownell. His phone number is 616-866-6570. If you have any concerns or needs not being met, please contact Scott.

We have assigned all consistory members to a ministry team as a liaison between the team and consistory. Some teams are well established and some will be formed in the next year. We will post ministry team assignments on the bulletin board at the back of the church.

The Human Resources Committee has just been formed and will soon address the need for a permanent Youth Director. Lyn Peterman (chair), Dianne Bennett, and Eric Ringnalda make up the core committee. They will be working on forming a search team for the YD position.

Pastor Ben Ingebretson will preach for RRC, on his discipleship series, until March 1. Once we have additional information for March and beyond, we will let you know.