Consistory – March 2015

As part of the new Outreach Committee’s efforts to give Rockford Reformed Church more exposure in the community, they have placed a 1”x2” ad in the local paper, The Rockford Squire. Look for it on the page shared with other local churches.
The green van is requiring more upkeep. The deacons will be keeping an eye on the repair costs and if the costs start to exceed the value, RRC may be on the lookout for a replacement van.
Giving through February was significantly lower compared to the first couple months of prior years. If giving continues at these lower rates throughout the year, we will not be able to meet all of our obligations as identified in the current budget. Although we do not have a regular pastor, members/attendees are encouraged to maintain or increase their normal giving.
Have you heard of the Deacon’s Servant Network (DSN)? It was introduced at RRC in 2002 as a way to lead our congregation into servant ministry. Each month, one of our deacons serves as the main contact to connect people to church resources. It might be you that needs help, or you might find someone else who needs help. When you submit a need to the DSN, the deacon will determine how best to meet the need. It may be through our Helping Hands funds, referral to an existing church ministry or the pastoral staff, or calling upon our DSN volunteers.
Who are the DSN volunteers? You! We are blessed to have a congregation with a wide variety of skills. What skills, abilities, or passions are you willing to use in service of others? Could you be someone we call on to help drive someone to church, to rake an elderly neighbor’s yard, or help with emergency childcare needs?
Over the next few weeks, a survey will be placed in the pews for you to fill out if you wish to volunteer your skills and services. This has been done before, but it was many years ago and the list needs to be updated. If you are unable to volunteer your time, but still wish to help, you can make a donation to the Helping Hands fund. Just be sure to write “helping hands” in the notes section of your check and also on the donation envelope. Thank you!