Consistory – November 2015


Upcoming Congregational Meeting

Our annual Congregational Meeting is coming up on December 6 at 5:00pm. The Consistory approved the proposed 2016 budget and it will be given to the congregation in the next few weeks.  In addition to voting on that budget, we will select new office bearers. Nominees for Administrative Elder are Megan DeVries and Dan Uthoff. Nominees for Shepherd Elder are Karen Bazen, Megan DeVries, Luke Morgan, Bren Shantz, Sandy Uthoff, Jason Vergouwe, and Tom Wright. Nominees for Service Deacon are Chad Kleis, Emillie Clayton, Peter Jolliffe, and Becki Pilko.  We ask for your prayers about this important meeting.

Worship Director Search Committee Update

The candidate presented at October’s Consistory meeting declined the position, so the search committee has expanded their advertising to a broader pool and begun a new search.  They are already getting a number of résumés and hope to interview up to three people in the future. Members of the search committee are Stephanie Bergman, Tammy Bradford, Brian Fleetham, Luke Morgan, Eric Ringnalda, and Teresa Scholten. Please pray for these people as they continue the process of getting a new director.

Interim Worship Director

Because it may take a few months to find a permanent Worship Director, we are seeking an interim director. Two candidates are being interviewed for this position. Several members of the congregation are leading worship until an interim director is in place.

Ridder Renewal

In October, Pastor Paul attended the first of a series of conferences for the Ridder Renewal program for effective leadership. One element of the program is to have 4-6 people from the congregation make up a small team to learn the process of developing effective leaders and to communicate and coach the process to the Consistory and others in the congregation. This smaller team will be put together over the next couple months. If anyone has suggestions of people for the team, please contact Pastor Paul.