Consistory – October 2015


We thank all the members of the Worship Director Search Committee for their long and diligent work in finding a candidate. The candidate was presented at the Consistory meeting and was approved for a full-time position with benefits for a one-year period. Members of the search committee are Stephanie Bergman, Tammy Bradford, Brian Fleetham, Luke Morgan, Eric Ringnalda, and Teresa Scholten.

RRC’s Annual Congregational Meeting is coming up on December 6 at 5 p.m. We will discuss and vote on the 2016 proposed budget and select new office bearers. The Consistory approved the final slate of nominees. Nominees for Administrative Elder are Megan DeVries and Dan Uthoff. Nominees for Shepherd Elder are Karen Bazen, Megan DeVries, Luke Morgan, Bren Shantz, Sandy Uthoff, Jason Vergouwe, and Tom Wright. Nominees for Service Deacon are Chad Kleis, Emillie Clayton, Peter Jolliffe, and Becki Pilko. We ask for your prayers about this important meeting.

The Consistory would like to draw attention to the church’s financial position at this time, especially in light of the new Worship Director coming on board soon and the budget that will be presented at the upcoming Congregational Meeting. Currently, we have about three months of reserve funds on hand, the amount recommended for healthy churches. This is similar to how a household is run, with 3-6 months of reserve funds available in case of emergencies. Total receipts (giving) for the 2015 fiscal year is below what was budgeted for the year and we have been depleting our reserve fund to cover expenses. In September alone, we dipped into the reserve funds for about $20,000. Each year, we as a congregation approve the budget and are aware of what money we are committing to give to the ministries and missions of our church, and the deacons rely on what is budgeted to come in. We ask that you prayerfully evaluate your level of giving for God’s ministry to be carried out in our church and community, through us at Rockford Reformed Church.