Consistory – September 2015

bp newsletterYou missed a fun party! August 26 and 27 featured two very different block parties. We had an end-of-summer block party for the Hillview neighborhood and served about 90 hotdogs plus the extras. A number of children came alone. Rachel DeKuiper identified a need for homework kits. We made 50 kits available to these children, so they would have the needed tools to do their homework. Volunteers helped with set-up, food, games, face painting, and more. It was a very rewarding experience. Please pray for open hearts for these families as we again invite them to Pioneer Clubs and adult Bible study on Wednesday evenings.
On August 27, Ken & Wilma Nelson held a repeat block party in the Rollingwood neighborhood. This area has had a significant turnover in residents in the past couple of years; many moved away because they were upgrading to larger homes as their families grow. The party provided an opportunity for old and new neighbors to connect. Adults were able to visit, while children enjoyed supervised bouncing in the Bounce House. This was a treat for everyone. One comment was “your yearly get-togethers are the only time I visit with my neighbors farther down the block.” Again volunteers helped with many tasks including just visiting with folks. Many expressed their appreciation for what RRC did to support the good time. People willingly provided email addresses so they can be in the loop for future activities such as the neighborhood garage sale their neighborhood held this spring. They are planning for a Christmas coffee for the women in early December. Pray that these everyday activities will continue to prompt questions and that Ken & Wilma will make deeper connections that reflect our Lord’s love. 
Thank you again to the 20 plus volunteers that made these events possible!
Prayer Ministry Teams began serving September 13. Prayer teams will be available after each worship service to pray for any person who has a concern, need, praise, or just wants to pray with someone. Anyone interested in being part of a prayer team should plan to participate in the Wednesday night class, The Ministry of Loving, Listening, and Praying
Nomination letters for Administrative Elder, Shepherd Elders, and Service Deacons will be going out soon to those who have been nominated. There will be two informational meetings; one on Sunday, September 27 and another on Sunday, October 4, both at 10 a.m. These meetings give the nominees a chance to find out what is involved in serving as an office holder in our church. The consistory asks for prayers for all the nominees leading up to our congregational meeting on December 6.
Pastor Paul presented his goals for RRC for the 2015-2016 program year at the last consistory meeting. Some of the goals include strengthening the adult ministries to result in more discipleship and greater spiritual depth; preaching biblical sermons that develop and release vision, values, discipleship, and outreach; asking all directors to integrate meaningful prayer into meetings; equipping ministry leaders in core leadership, pastoral, and prayer skills; and identifying and removing barriers to the unchurched and newcomers. Please pray for Pastor Paul, the consistory, and staff as we work on these goals.
New Signage and Renumbering of Rooms: In an effort to make the church more welcoming for visitors and for everyone to find rooms easier, more signs have been ordered and the rooms have been renumbered. The children’s area has been made more secure by making one entrance in that area – the one on the northwest side of the church – an emergency exit only and limiting access coming from the lobby area.