Writing Your Personal Faith Story

Taken from Pastor Bill Hybels’ book Just Walk Across the Room, the below key points and guided questions will lead you through writing your own personal testimony story in 100 words and less.
Hybels promises you this: “You will be absolutely amazed by the power of your own story once you have been diligent to hone and shape and refine it. When you communicate your personal faith story with sincerity, you will see supernatural sparks fly as God uses it for his glory and your listener’s good.” (p.131)
Hybels makes it easy to share your story: “It’s worth searching your heart and soul to firm up the 3-pronged foundation of your story: the key word or concept that describes who you were before you met Christ; the fact that you then came into a relationship with Christ; and the key word or concept that describes who you are after walking with Christ for a time.” (p.126)
Key points:
  • Brevity (you can tell your story in the space of 45-60 seconds)
  • Clarity (you stick to one key plot line)
  • Simplicity (you avoid religious jargon)
  • Humility (you tell your story without a pious or haughty attitude)
Story examples:
  • “For years, I felt empty. I had a hole that I need to fill, so I searched for things that could fill that hole: the right friends, clothes, and car. My emptiness would be filled for a short time, but I never found the “it” that kept the hole filled. One day I heard a message about having a relationship with Jesus. Once I understood, accepted, and grew in my relationship with him, my emptiness was finally filled–for good. Today, I am no longer searching for things to fill my life.”
  • “I used to look for acceptance. I thought parties, drinking, and girls would make me feel like somebody. I thought God put me on earth as a joke. But then I met Christ. He made me feel worthwhile and I realized that all the typical stuff teenagers thought was cool…wasn’t anymore. I now know what happiness is actually like. The void in my heart is gone. I now know I have many reasons for being here…one is to share my story to give others hope. Life has meaning and purpose now. Christ is the center of my life.”
Let’s begin to write out your story in 100 words or less. Remember, keep it brief, stay focused, make it easy to understand, and convey with an humble and honest heart.
  • Who were you and what were you like before Christ? (2-3 sentences)
  • Where did you meet Christ and how did it happen? (1-2 sentences)
  • Who are you and what are you like now after you’ve asked Christ into your life? (2-3 sentences)