Missions – August 2015

“Alleluia…Alleluia…for the Lord God Almighty Reigns”! This was our song of refuge, strength, and thanksgiving while in Haiti. We sang it to start Vacation Bible School at Les Bours School of Hope. We sang it with our Haitian friends during Bible studies in tent city Jeremie. We sang it while painting houses. We sang it while delivering beds. We sang it with the kids at Hope House orphanage. We sang it as we held the hands of Haitians dying of AIDS. We sang it as we comforted extremely malnourished children at Sisters of Charity. We sang it out loud. We sang it in our heads. We sang to our Lord. We prayed to our Lord. We know our Lord and we know that He loves Haiti. We love Haiti too and our lives are changed with the knowledge that we can go there and serve safely. We can be His hands and feet in a country where voodoo reigns and immense poverty has a death-grip on so many. We can go and we can help.
The missions team would like to thank RRC for supporting this trip. Your donations made a difference. They do not “fix” Haiti, but they matter. Beth Moore writes in her book, Whispers of Hope, to not be overwhelmed by the “plenty”. There is “plenty” of need in Haiti. There is “plenty” of need in Rockford, Michigan too. Moore challenges us to not miss an opportunity to do something good simply because we can’t fix the situation.
We went to Haiti knowing that we couldn’t “fix” the problems there. We went knowing that relationships matter and that being kind matters. We went knowing that sharing the “Good News” and the “Power of Prayer” matters. We went knowing that we had an opportunity to make a difference and that God would not want us to miss it. Thanks again for helping us make a difference and for your prayers. Mesi Anpil and God Bless!