Missions – February 2015

RCWS. Clancy Street Ministries. The Other Way. HFAP. Harrisons. ALPHA. Do you know the purpose of all the ministries that Rockford Reformed Church supports? Neither do members of the Missions Committee! That is why our team is taking a closer look at the ministries RRC funds and why. We are hoping to better understand how RRC came to be invested in so many different causes. There’s a lot of history here and we are digging deep!
Currently, RRC has over 20 different missions that it financially supports each year…that’s a lot for a congregation our size. We tend to spread our missions budget out and give to many different causes. Because of this, we have not been able to maintain strong relationships with all the ministries that we support. This is unfortunate and has prompted the Missions Committee to take a closer look.
If you are involved in one of the ministries that RRC supports (or one that you think we should), we would love to know about it. Please feel free to email the  committee at rmdekuiper@rockfordschools.org to share your thoughts. Our end goal is to build stronger relationships and be more intentional with our support! Thanks!