Missions – March 2015

“To empower poor, widowed, and orphaned Haitians and to spread the message of the Gospel.” This is the mission of the Haiti Foundation Against Poverty (HFAP) and this is why Rockford Reformed Church will be sending a team to Haiti again this summer. From July 14-21, RRC will be working alongside HFAP to help make this mission a reality. We can’t do this, however, without the support of our congregation.
Currently, we have nine people (four of which are RRC members) committed to doing His work in Haiti in July. We would love to have five more, but understand that the decision is not easy and needs to be covered in prayer! If you are interested in going to Haiti, please join us for an informational meeting on Sunday, March 22 after the second service (information will also be available following the first service at the back of the sanctuary). We would love to talk with you about this possibility and answer any questions you might have.
Starting in April, the Missions Committee will begin collecting items needed for this year’s trip. A basket will be placed at the back of the sanctuary for donated items. Right now formula, powdered milk, Pediasure, Ensure, plastic pants for cloth diapers, wipes, sewing material (no scraps less than ΒΌ yd), white chalk, gallon sized Ziploc bags, and HP printer ink 564 are the needed supplies. Additional items will be added to this list as July draws closer.