Missions – November 2015


What is a missionary?

  • A person sent by a church into an area to carry on evangelism or other activities, such as educational or hospital work.
  • A person strongly in favor of a program, set of principles, etc., who attempts to persuade or convert others.
  • A person sent on a mission.

Rockford Reformed Church as many missionaries. A couple of them came here this past month to talk to us about their mission field. Adrian and Bernardeth Bobb-Kelly came and shared about the mission in Nicaragua. Greg and Laura Yoder also came and shared about their mission with Christian World Outreach, which goes to many different places – Haiti, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Burkina Faso.

If there was one topic that they all mentioned it was to cover them in prayer. That is something that all of us at RRC can do. It is not just the financial aspect that helps, but prayer is so important to them. I know things are changing at RRC – we are changing the budget to try to have a better relationship with those missionaries that we work with. But those we stop supporting financially still need our prayers. Always keep them in mind.

A couple of specific prayers that are needed: The VandenHeuvel family is preparing to go to Kenya soon. Please keep them in your prayers. There was a request from the Haiti Foundation Against Poverty that we got for a young boy. He needs our prayers. Here is what we received:

O’Nelson has been part of Les Bours School of Hope since we first opened in the fall of 2008. He began his education as a 2nd grader. He is a quiet boy with a kind soul. He has always been a good student and has never taken for granted the gift of education. O’Nelson was one of our first students to graduate from the goat program and he was able to help support his family with the babies his goat would have. He lived with his mother and sister in a house not far from the school until this past summer. His mother was a kind woman who loved to spread laughter. She was the first face we would see as we turned our vehicles down the dirt road of Les Bours. She had a small business selling produce and other foods to the neighborhood.

In September she was shot and killed by members of a gang. O’Nelson witnessed his mother’s death and attempted to defend her. He was shot multiple times and stabbed in the stomach. The gang members thought they had left him for dead, but God had other plans. O’Nelson was immediately sent into hiding in a city far away. Even there, the gang members were tracking him and he feared for his life. Sleepless nights and panic attacks became all he knew. It was apparent we must step up and fight for this precious boy’s life. He is only 15 years old – he deserves to be in school, to play sports, and to sleep without fear each night. In the 7+ years I have known him, the only thing he has EVER asked for is a Bible. This child deserves a fighting chance! God has claimed his life for great things! Please be in prayer for this young man.

Mallery & Frentz Neptune


Kids Hope Update: Our Kids Hope program is off to a really great start this year! We have had 12 returning mentors start back up, 7 new mentors have started meeting with newly referred kids, and we have 3 kids who we are currently working on matching. We’ve made some updates to our Kids Hope room so it’s more fully stocked with materials to be used during the mentoring hour, and we’ve begun using an online room scheduling calendar. The principal and teachers at Valley View Elementary couldn’t be happier with our program. When you’ve got 20 people coming into the school each week just to work with and encourage a child, it really has a big effect. We’ve had a great amount of new mentors volunteer this year, but we already need more! We need about 7 more mentors ready and trained by January so we can be prepared to meet the needs of more children. Please contact Audrey Shantz (audreyshantz@gmail.com) if you can help!