Outreach – April 2016


Several months ago the congregation received information about the “One Degree Rule”, a simple concept that can help us see our need to grow, and then take practical steps to increase our passion to reach out. Because we forget, and because our outreach temperatures tend to burn out quickly, it is important to be reminded that each of us has an outreach temperature and there are steps we can take to keep it burning hot.

We can simply use a scale of 1 to 10 to help us identify where our outreach temperature is at. A ten represents a heart and life that are sizzling hot for reaching out to those who are far from Christ. A one represents a heart that is cold when it comes to reaching out with the love of Christ.

The good news is it doesn’t really matter what the starting number is. We can commit to raise that number by one degree. Each day it is important to ask ourselves:

  • What is my outreach temperature at this moment?
  • What can I do to raise my temperature one degree?

Practical tools we can use to increase our temperature are: Reading God’s word, praying for those God has placed in your life who are still unbelievers, spending time with those who are far from Christ, sharing how God is working in your life or in the lives of others, or asking someone to hold you accountable.

If we will become more attentive to this aspect of our Christian life and take action to increase our outreach temperature, we will consistently see it going up. The result will be more regular and passionate outreach, and we will be more receptive to the opportunities God provides for us to share the message of Jesus and the grace He offers.