Outreach – December 2015


Bless someone this Christmas with a small act of kindness:

The Outreach Influence Team is hoping that Rockford Reformed Church will overwhelm our community this Christmas season with 500 acts of kindness. On the table in the back of the sanctuary are 500 “Just Because Cards.” The cards include a brief note to brighten someone’s day, along with contact information and an invitation to worship with us. Please take as many as you want and hand them out with a small gift.

Ideas for blessing someone with a “Just Because Card”

  • Leave it with a personal note and a large tip for your server at a restaurant.
  • Give one to a cashier along with purchasing their favorite candy bar.
  • Give one to the person behind you in line at the grocery store along with some flowers.
  • Give one to the person ahead of you at Starbucks along with paying for their coffee.
  • Give one to a teller at the bank along with a small gift.
  • Leave one in your mailbox along with a small gift for the mail carrier.
  • Give one to someone at the dollar store along with a dollar or two.

Rockford Santa Parade small act of kindness:

On Saturday, December 5 Rockford Reformed Church was able to bless the children in our community at Rockford’s Santa Parade. Members of the Outreach Influence Team passed out approximately 900 bags for candy, along with a candy cane and a poem telling the story of Christ love for each us. The bag also included the message “Jesus loves you”,  along with our church’s name, address, and contact information.