Outreach – February 2015

God’s solution is His church – it is for each individual Christian to be passionate about their faith; sharing their faith with everyone around them.
The Outreach Team met for the first time on Monday, Jan 26. This initial meeting was spent building the foundation and working toward establishing God’s vision for Outreach at RRC. The majority of the meeting was spent on devotions, discussing trends in Christianity and outreach, looking at God’s solution, and sharing personal testimonies.
True Facts: The Great Evangelical Recession by John S. Dickerson reports that in the U.S.,
  • 2.6M Christians are lost per decade
  • the fastest growing sub-cultures express a militant antagonism against Christians
  • true evangelical Christians represent only 7 to 9 percent of the U.S. population
  • unbelievers come to church or Christ because a friend or relative asked them
But in your hearts set Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect.  I Peter 3:15
The apostle Peter says all believers, of all ages, incomes, spiritual gifts, genders, and so forth must “always be prepared to give an answer.” Not always prepared to invite to an event, though that’s profitable. Not always through a silent living example, though that’s also important. But every believer is to be “always prepared” to speak with their mouth and explain the Good News behind the goodness of their life.
Real Faith: In his book Why Give?, John DeVries shares how one little girl was prepared.
There was a 9 year old girl in India who was transformed by Christ during a Mission India Bible Club. Her immediate impulse was to give away what she had. So she asked her teacher for materials so that she could teach her friends. Her teacher said that she was too young to teach, and besides they had no more workbooks. The little girl was undaunted. She would do it without the help of books since she had memorized all of the lessons! She rounded up her friends, all ninety of them, and held three of her own Children’s Bible Clubs, teaching Bible lessons as she remembered them. She taught each club for two weeks.
Many of her friends were transformed and started to give to their parents. And as the stream of life flowed through these little ones to their parents, within a year 50 parents had been transformed and started a little church.
This little girl has become the headwaters of a massive river of streams of eternal life that is continuously expanding. What is happening to those boys and girls she led to Christ? How many others are they touching? What about the families and the parents? How much living water is flowing through them? What will it be like when we get to heaven to see the eternal consequences of every gift that we thought so inconsequential? Think of how God’s giving will increase during her lifetime. Think of how it will increase throughout time until Jesus comes again!
Pressing Forward: The next Outreach meeting will be on Feb. 23 to prayerfully consider God’s vision for Outreach as it relates to RRC. Here are a few opportunities to help and to grow:
  • PRAY. Please pray for our team and how God will use you to reach those you come in contact with each and every day.
  • STUDY GOD’S WORD. Please consider joining a bible study, small group, or Sunday school classes. Mark your calendars for March 22 and join us for a Sunday School workshop on “How to Know and Show Christ”.
  • SERVE IN LOVE OF CHRIST. Consider serving in the many outreach opportunities RRC has to offer!