Outreach – March 2015

The March 6-7 Organic Outreach Conference was AMAZING! For 2 days, designated team members participated in a local conference put on by pastor and author Kevin Harney. It was so inspiring that the team purchased copies of Harney’s book, Organic Outreach For Churches, for each member of consistory, as well as the Outreach Team. It is highly recommended reading for leaders and individuals who wish to infuse evangelistic passion into every aspect of their personal life and the life of the church. Please check out Kevin’s website (kevingharney.com) for a variety of free tools and a glimpse at his thought provoking books.
Harney challenges churches with 3 questions that serve as building blocks to help cultivate church culture that invites evangelistic passion:
  1. Does your church believe, honor, and follow the teachings of the bible?
  2. Does your church love people and long for them to know Jesus?
  3. Are the people in your church willing to sacrifice to the point that they will willingly embrace change?
Careful contemplation and response will reveal the desire to value and embrace the Good News of Jesus in the community and world. Harney’s questions and other key concepts will be utilized during the upcoming Adult Sunday School Spiritual Formation Workshop: Knowing and Showing Christ. This workshop will serve as a springboard to renew our minds and ignite passion to reach out to others! Please prayerfully consider attending this 6-session workshop between services March 22–May 3 in the Fireside Room. See you there!