Outreach – March 2016


Thank you to all of you who made the Team Trivia Night a successful event, either by inviting a guest or two, or by just coming out and having fun.  In all there were one hundred and eleven adults who attended the event, and thirty-three children in childcare. Of the one hundred and eleven people attending; we had thirty-six guests. Thirty-two people were guests of someone who goes to Rockford Reformed Church, and four people were from the community who came in response to an advertisement sent out through the Rockford Chamber of Commerce.  A BIG thank you also to Beth, Brian, and the youth for providing childcare, and also to those who utilized the childcare and gave a generous donation. Approximately $200.00 was donated to help fund youth mission trips and retreats this year.

EASTER SUNDAY: Did you know that unchurched people are more likely to respond to your invitation on Easter than at any other time of the year? Many of you will invite family over for dinner on Easter Sunday. Have you ever considered inviting company to your church on Easter Sunday? As Easter approaches please be thinking of the people in your life who do not have the hope of eternal life. If you will be attending the Easter Service at Rockford Reformed Church, we encourage you to extend an invitation to at least one person to worship with you. What’s the worst that could happen? They could say no, but that might say yes, and better yet that invitation may be the one thing that changes their life for eternity.