Outreach – November 2015


Thank You to everyone who handed out gospel tracts with your candy this past Halloween. One thousand children received the gospel message while trick-or-treating in our community.

Reaching our Community with RRC’s Meal Train

For the past couple of months the Outreach Influence Team has been encouraging ministry teams to find ways to extend their ministry into the community. The RRC Meal Train is one such ministry that can be offered to our neighbors, co-workers, friends, and family members who do not have a church home. Please follow this process if you know of someone who does not have a church home and could really benefit from some meals.

  • Ask the person in need if they would like to receive meals from RRC. Also inquire about food allergies, likes and dislikes, and the preferred schedule for receiving meals.
  • Contact your Elder/Deacon team upon the consent of your friend/neighbor/family member or contact Laura Jolliffe in the church office directly.

Several things can happen through this process; bridges can be built, friendships forged, service offered, the love of Jesus Christ extended, and lives transformed.

Outreach Opportunities for You

North Kent Community Services is seeking individuals to serve on its various committees for 2016. “I am looking for people who have skills in media/public relations, finance, fund development, law, business, health & human services, construction, human resources, and marketing,” says Executive Director Claire Guisfredi. “It is not a huge time commitment. The committees meet once a month or every other month for an hour. If you want to give back to the community and don’t have a lot of time, this is a good way to get involved.” Check the website www.nkcs.org for a list of committee descriptions and to apply online by Friday, November 20

Outreach Questions of the Month

  • Who are you praying for who is not yet a follower of Jesus?
  • Who are you spending time with who needs to know God’s love and grace?
  • Who is someone you are hoping will come to church with you sometime in the future?