Outreach – September 2015

In an effort to begin reaching out in more ways to our community, the Outreach Influence Team has begun to meet with all the ministry teams in order to ask two very important questions: What are you currently doing well?, and How can you begin to look at ways to slightly turn your ministry out into the community?
We are looking at ways to…
  • THINK BIGGER – How can each program or ministry impact people in our community who are spiritually lost?
  • PROMOTE MORE WIDELY – How can we promote church activities and events in our community?
  • TAKE ACTION – How can we take steps to make sure that people from the community feel at home?
The real value for approaching outreach through slightly turning our programs outward, is that we are not starting new ministries, requiring more volunteers and resources. We are simply taking what we are already doing well and extending it into the community. Maybe you have an idea for a current ministry that could be easily shifted into the community. Please share it with an Outreach Influence Team member or any member on a ministry team.
Additionally, the Outreach Influence Team will also be sending out a monthly outreach concept and/or thought provoking question called the OUTREACH QUESTION OF THE MONTH. This question will be sent to every person who serves on a ministry team through email, and also to the entire congregation through a variety of sources… the Outreach section of the newsletter, on the RRC facebook page, postcards in your mailbox, etc. The purpose for this infusion is to continually keep outreach in the forefront of our minds, and at the top of every ministry agenda.
  • How much time do you spend with people who are spiritually lost on a weekly basis?
  • What can you do to increase this amount of time?
Pray that God would increase your awareness of those around you who are spiritually lost and far from Christ and that He would give you opportunities to love and serve them.