Pastoral Search – April 2015

Special Worship Service: Sunday, May 3, 2015
We are excited to announce that Rev. Dr. Paul Bradford has been recommended to the consistory to be our next pastor at Rockford Reformed Church. The announcement was made during services on Sunday, April 26, 2015.
We have invited Rev. Bradford to spend next Sunday with us. He will preach at both services. You will have an opportunity to meet him casually between services and at a buffet luncheon after the second service. Your feedback will be important to us, as consistory will meet on Monday, May 4, to vote on whether a call should be extended to Rev. Bradford. Please make every effort to join us on this important Sunday. If you desire to listen to a sample sermon or two, use the links below. Watch for a message from your elder/deacon team early this week with more details.

From the sermon series “The Radical Middle” – Spring 2014
  • Already and Not Yet – an overview of the theology of the Kingdom of God.
  • Power Points and Process – a discussion of the apparent tension between gradual spiritual growth and the dramatic work of the Holy Spirit.
  • Grace and Holiness – an explanation of why God’s grace and living according the the high standard of God’s Word are not in contradiction; in fact, they are in harmony with one another.
  • Truth and Passion – his final sermon preached at Great Oaks Church. This is an exposition of Deuteronomy 6:1-9, the Shemá Yisraél, one of the most important passages in the OT.
Earlier series
  • Toxic Thoughts – a part of a series called “Virtual Deception” discussing the dangers in our contemporary culture.
  • Myths About Love and Marriage – the opening message in the series “Does Marriage Matter?”
  • Living a Consecrated Life – a message in the series “The Law of the Spirit of Life” which discussed the Ten Commandments in the context of the New Covenant. This message discusses living in Sabbath rest. 
Video (2008)