Pastor’s Corner – August 2015

_Paul-Tammy-Bradford-Portrait-Color-1 (2)Tammy and I have now been at RRC for 2½ months. We believe the Lord has led us here, and are very thankful! As we’ve been getting to know the congregation, we have been encouraged and blessed by the depth of love for God and others we have seen in the people at RRC, and by the strength of caring community we have observed.
It’s been a busy couple of months. We’ve been meeting with members of RRC to understand the richness of the congregation’s history and the present strengths and opportunities. I’ve been working with leaders, staff, and ministry teams to set goals and envision together the future the Lord has for our congregation. Tammy and I have particularly enjoyed our “Living Room Chats”. In the past few weeks we’ve met with 39 members of RRC, listening to personal stories, as well as hopes for the future. We want to meet with everyone at RRC. If we’ve not met with you yet, you can sign up online by going to
We’re also excited about the launch of Life Groups this fall. Life Groups are high-commitment, short-term groups designed to help us grow spiritually and develop meaningful, supportive friendships. Each Life Group session will be 10 weeks long, and sessions will be held in the fall, winter, and spring. The focus will be on Sharing, Study of the Scriptures, and Supporting one another in life and in our faith. Existing groups that already have these focuses may want to become Life Groups. We’re hoping everyone will participate in Life Groups for 2 or 3 sessions each year (see the Adult Ministry update below for more info).
I urge you to read through the entire Beacon each month. By doing so, you’ll be kept up to date with the many great things that are happening here at RRC. What’s more, you’ll be encouraged and excited to see what God is doing! So, enjoy your read!