Pastor’s Corner – October 2015

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Congregational Update Meeting Report from Sunday, October 11

Pastor Paul shared updates of things that are happening at Rockford Reformed.

Ridder Church Renewal: Pastor Paul attended the first module of Ridder Church Renewal in Houston, Texas this past Tuesday through Friday (October 13-16). Ridder focuses on empowering leaders by training them to live out values of Love, Courage, Integrity, and Authenticity, as well as helping them to develop a model of discipleship, to understand relational dynamics in leading, and to equip high performance teams. Pastor Paul will begin the training, and will be joined by 6 others at the next module this spring. Over the next two years many of these principles will be imparted to other leaders and the congregation.

Prayer Ministry every week: We have begun a Prayer Ministry & Listening training course, and now have prayer teams available every Sunday morning to pray for anyone who desires prayer.

Upcoming Sermon Series – invite your friends! Our next sermon series will be The Blessing: How you can change lives through your words. We’ll discuss the amazing power of words to release life and success in your children, your spouse, your co-works, and your friends. We will provide a handout so you can invite unchurched friends and loved ones. Our advent series will be The Mary Miracle – How to release God’s work in our lives. This will be another great invitational opportunity.

Life Groups Launched: We have implemented Life Groups, which focus on Sharing, Study, and Support. We have two active groups and hope to add more in the winter. This winter we will have Life Groups that commit to meet 10 consecutive weeks, and other groups that will commit to meet 10 times every other week. The new groups are going very well. Other small groups are also meeting.

Men’s and Women’s Events: The Men’s ministry (1) launched its season with a football tailgate party attended by 40 men, (2) have begun an every-other-week breakfast group this is watching videos and having discussions that focus on authentic manhood, and (3) continue their Tuesday morning prayer breakfast. Two strong women’s Bible Studies are meeting this fall.

Outreach Focus: Our Outreach Influence Team (formally Outreach Ministry Team) has placed representatives on every Ministry Team at RRC and are leading us in questions that help turn our focus outwards. They are also sharing these questions with the congregation through emails and letters in mailboxes. Our desire is to create a culture of outreach at RRC. We also have started a Hospitality Team to improve our welcome of newcomers, and are beginning FIT –  the Facility Improvement Team – to explore ways we can enhance our building to feel more welcoming and relevant to newcomers, and especially young people.

Living Room Chats: Pastor Paul & Tammy have had over 100 people over to their home since they arrived, including a bonfire with about 2 dozen high school students and leaders this past Sunday.

Financial Update: Dan Triezenberg gave a financial update. He reported that our September giving was about $10,000 short of our expectations and the amount needed for budget. Scott Jacobs asked for prayer for the Consistory as they meet on Tuesday night, because hiring a full time Worship Director in light of the current financial reality is risky and needs discussion. Dan did share that the first Sunday in October had strong giving. Our hope is that financial growth will recover quickly and grow, allowing us to sustain a full time Worship Director. Pastor Paul thanked those in attendance who were tithing, and encouraged all to begin percentage giving with the goal of tithing so that the work at RRC might flourish.