Property – January 2015


Our property team is busy! They have been working diligently on their list of 63 items to repair, and through concerted effort, they are down to 20. Items come up as often as they get checked off, so it’s a constant effort to keep going. They could use more skilled people to call on, so let one of them know if you can offer any assistance!

Many people ask about our boiler, and we are told it should last a few more years. It is probably a good idea to start saving for the $20,000 repair.

This past year, we were given a special financial gift for media items. We have used this to purchase a television for the fireside room, which allowed us to move TVs around and upgrade the television in children’s ministry. We also purchased a couple of computers and some network equipment. We are looking into other things that might need upgrade or replacement.

God helps us and enables our willing hands!