Property – March 2015

The property ministry team is spending a special gift donation for multimedia that actually encompasses a few other things, including a security system (monitor and remote lock), some computers, TV’s and DVD’s, and a multimedia system for our theater. We have spent about half of the fund, and the rest seems to be earmarked for enhancements.

With the change in weather, we hope to begin cleaning up outside and getting some spring things done. Each new season brings new jobs to do around the church. There are a few small roof leaks to look into, and some summer repairs that need to be scheduled.

We had a sewer backup a few weeks ago that affected the entire “historic building” (not the FLC). The backup seemed to be within our own building, but we’re not sure what it was. Everything was cleaned and taken care of. We will monitor this in months and years to come.

We may require saving money for a new van soon, as the “green meanie” is making some bad rattles and breaks.

There have been some computer network changes and hiccups, and we have taken care of most of those. A few more enhancements are yet to be completed.

There has been some mention of a decorating enhancement committee. That would be great to see something come together if there are interested members.

If anyone sees a facilities issue or has a concern, please be sure to let staff or myself (Tom Cruttenden) know so that we can take care of it.