Youth Ministry – April 2015

We will not hide these truths from our children; we will tell the next generation about the glorious deeds of the Lord, about his power and his mighty wonders (Pslam 78:4).
What a joy it is to minister to and alongside the next generation of our church. As this year’s program comes to a close, we reflect on our studies. This spring we dove into God’s call on the church to respond to his grace with gratitude and worship. The church, as a whole, is called to do many things as we live out our faith. As Middle and High Schoolers, they don’t have to wait; they can play an active role in the church today. They are the next generation church.
April Calendar:
29:  Last MSYG & Last call for MS Summer Trip – $325
May Calendar:
1:  MS Guys/Girls’ Night
3:  Last HSYG & Last call for HS Summer Trip – $400
10:  No Sunday School – Happy Mother’s Day
17:  Last Sunday School
Parents’ Tip:
As mentioned above, this Spring we looked what the church is and how our students can participate in the greater life of the church today. We have been focusing not only on Sunday morning worship and its various elements, but have been going deeper into letting our faith affect our everyday life.  The article below is a challenging and uncomfortable read. It challenges how I worship, and what I worship. So why put it in the parents’ tip? I hope this article will encourage conversation in your families. Talk to your children about why you do what you do. Consider with your family if this is what worship should look like and what this kind of worship might look like in practice. May all we do, be done to worship our great God.