Youth Ministry – January 2015


Welcome to 2015! Break is over and things are starting up again at Rockford Reformed Church. Tuesday Bible Studies are beginning, Youth Groups are meeting, and Sunday School will resume at its usual time; but its the calm after the Christmas Season, and its too often a time when I go back to my normal routine and forget that we just celebrated the hope for the world. It is my prayer for you and your families this year that this hope would shine in our actions and conversations with those we come in contact with at home, at school, at work, and at church. This New Year holds so many possibilities, may Christ’s light shine in you in a special way this year.

With the New Year comes a new opportunity. On Tuesdays we will still be having our Girls Bible Study (same time and place), and we will be adding to Tuesdays a High School/Middle School Guys Bible Study as well. Rob will be leading this Bible Study and it will meet at the Rockford McDonald’s from 3-4pm. If you would like more information, contact either Rob or Jess.

January Calendar:

February Calendar:

  • 4:  No MS Youth Group or HS Small Groups – meet at Pando
  • 11: No MS Youth Group – retreat prep
  • 13-15: MS Winter Retreat – at Cran-Hill Ranch

Parents’ Tip:

As many of you are aware, there are many harmful apps, websites, etc. that our students are exposed to, and its hard to keep track of what’s what on their phones. Here is an article that I found helpful in learning what some of these apps are, and why they might be harmful.